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1UZ Header Starter Package DIY kit W/ Mid pipe options

1UZ Header Starter Package DIY kit W/ Mid pipe options
Item# UZhderkit
Regular price: $850.00
Sale price: $500.00
Metal Material:  Y-pipe Kit?: 

Product Description

This is a FULL starter kit with all the parts needed to make a good set of headers for your UZ swap into the 240sx, or what ever else needs v8 power!

The kit comes complete with the following:

1 set of Stainless Headers for the UZ series V8 (you will modify these)

5 Feet of straight piping

2 U-J bends

2 sets of 2 1/2" V-bands for after the collectors

5 feet of 2.5" piping

If you want the rest of the material to finish up the Mid section (with a collector muffler used to take both banks into a single 3 inch out, we can help! Sounds perfect with 600HP capable airflow. We also can provide 5 more feet of 2.5 piping, and 5 feet of 3 inch piping, and of course the collector muffler as well--all for only $175 more.

All selectable in the drop down menu.