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Apexi Power Intake System Nissan 240

Apexi Power Intake System Nissan 240
Item# apexi int 240sx

Product Description

The Power Intake is the premier air filter designed to create pure horsepower. The intake funnels used in racing machines take advantage of the characteristic where air travels along the side of surfaces. However, the center portion of the funnel is virtually unused. It is this concept that gave birth to the dual funnel design. A primary funnel on the top portion of the air cleaner was inserted to channel the air flow directly into the lower funnels at the base of the cleaner. By constructing the upper and lower funnel from a highly durable injected resin, Apexi was able to construct the ideal shaped funnel previously not possible. The funnel shapes are focused on increasing air speed without changing the flow direction of the intake air. The result is a high speed and smooth flow of air into the intake.