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ARP 2000 UZ Main Stud Kits 1UZ 4.0 3UZ 4.3 1UZFE 3UZFE Series V8

ARP 2000 UZ Main Stud Kits 1UZ 4.0 3UZ 4.3 1UZFE 3UZFE Series V8
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Product Description

ARP 2000 UZ Main Stud Kits 1UZ 4.0 3UZ 4.3 1UZFE 3UZFE Series V8
If you are building a bullet proof UZ series V8, you will need the ARP Stud kits found here. If you're building a HIGH HP UZ, you'll definitely need this ARP2000 version! We now offer an ARP2000 version of our popular UZ main stud kit for those looking to push the limits. High HP guys that are looking for the absolute best need not look further!

Our Genuine ARP2000 Main Stud Kit includes all 20 Main Studs, 10 Side bolts (1UZ and 3UZ engines have 6 bolt mains!), 20 nuts, 20 washers, and 2 packs of ARP assembly lube to assemble one complete engine. Each ARP2000 main stud needs to be torqued to 70 ft/lbs

When racing professionals in NHRA, IHRA, NASCAR, and Formula 1 competition need bullet-proof fasteners for their high-performance machines, they turn to one company: ARP. Since 1968, Automotive Racing Products has been engineering and perfecting bolts, studs, nuts, and other fasteners for engines, cylinder heads, headers, wheels, transmissions, and more. ARP uses only top-quality materials—far above the usual “aerospace quality” others settle for—in a highly exacting manufacturing process to create fasteners with the strength and durability to last race after race.

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Vehicles that came with these engines include SC400, GS400, LS400, SC430, GS430, LS430, GX470, LX470, Land Cruiser, Tundra, Sequoia, and Celsior, Soarer, Aristo, and Crown.