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ARP sr20 rod bolt kit

ARP sr20 rod bolt kit
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Product Description

The arp rod bolt set is a must have for those who want to keep the factory SR20 rod. The factory rod is robust and strong but it too has a weak point. The weak point of the factoy rod(54c and 79e) is the rod cap fastener. AKA the rod bolt. The factory rod bolt is prone to stretch and cause rod knock, and most of the time ruining the crank and rod. A premium grade 8740 alloy chrome moly steel is used to manufacture ARP High Performance connecting rod bolts. This material is heat-treated to provide a tensile strength in the 200.000 psi rang, which substantially stronger than the OEM bolts. Cycle testing shows ARP High Performance rod bolts to be nearly five times more reliable than stock bolts.

please note professional installation and rod resizing is required when installing.