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Borg Warner S400SX S400 Series Turbo

Borg Warner S400SX S400 Series Turbo
Item# 177248
Regular price: $1,670.00
Sale price: $1,320.00
Turbo Size:  Turbine A/R (optional only on 68mm-75mm turbos):  Compressor Finish:  Turbine Housing Coating: 

Product Description

Rated for 500-1050 HP

One of our favorite turbo manufacturers here at XAT Racing! Borg Warner is an OEM manufacturer and has been around since the beginning, so you know they make quality turbos.

These are an excellent inexpensive option that do not compromise on performance or reliability. They are heavy duty, long lasting, and will make terrific power with a newer design than most T series turbos. This is the turbo lineup the Boost Lab and Bullseye turbos are based off of and improve upon!

Twin hydrodynamic journal bearings
Extended tip technology compressor wheel
Twin scroll turbine housing
Adjustable compressor and turbine housing orientation

2013 Borg Warner Performance Catalog