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CP Forged Piston Kit 1UZFE 1UZ

CP Forged Piston Kit 1UZFE 1UZ
Item# Cp1uzpk
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Product Description

CP Forged Piston Kit 1UZFE 1UZ
Our custom-designed CP piston kit can be ordered in custom compression ratio to suit turbo, nitrous, or N/A applications. CP pistons are the premier piston in today's market! The custom forging is CNC'd to match ultra tight tolerances for high output engines. When the power goes up, so does the heat. Stock pistons are cast and cannot cope with the stress level of a race or high output engine. This piston kit comes with all eight pistons and includes pins, clips and rings.

This item can be ordered for the VVTi version as well. Please select size and type from drop down menu.