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PHR PowerHouse Racing CNC Ported Race Head (Complete) for RB26DETT

PHR PowerHouse Racing CNC Ported Race Head (Complete) for RB26DETT
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Product Description

PHR PowerHouse Racing CNC Ported Race Head (Complete) for RB26DETT
The technology is finally here! PHR and XAT are proud to offer the very first CNC ported cylinder head package for the RB26. This is the ultimate in cylinder head technology for the serious enthusiast and/or professional racer. We start with a *brand new* Nissan cylinder head, then let the 5 axis CNC machine perform its magic. The end result is hand blended and flow tested to over 300 cfm intake/200 cfm exhaust per valve at .450" lift. The benefit of CNC machining is that each cylinder is ported to the exact same profile, to prevent cylinder imbalances common to hand-ported cylinder heads. There is no core charge since we begin with brand new Nissan cylinder heads, which means you get the highest quality for your investment.

This is recommended for all-out race use only. Includes the full valvetrain upgrade, +1mm oversize Valves, Dual Valve Springs, Titanium Retainers, Bronze Valve Guides, PHR Spec CNC Shimless Buckets and full 5 angle valve job.

These special CNC Ported Heads utilizing 1mm oversized Valves require Custom PHR Spec Boost Pistons and Special Coated Rings to allow proper clearance from the Oversized Valve. These Pistons allow better Flame flow in the cylinder and making up the compression loss from the CNC Head back to 8.5:1.