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Powerslot Front Slotted Rotors Nissan 240 (pair,non-abs)

Powerslot Front Slotted Rotors Nissan 240 (pair,non-abs)
Item# pwrslot 240 fr
Regular price: $175.00
Sale price: $150.00

Product Description

Venting the gas from super heated brake pads improves overall brake performance. Of the various venting methods, slotting has the clear advantage. Slotting, unlike drilling, is not prone to cracking. Plus drilling delivers considerably less active braking surface - 8% less than Power Slot Rotors. The tapered slot also channels brake dust and heat away from the rotor and pad for improved braking ability. Power Slot Rotors are CNC-machined and come with an anti-corrosion plating that looks great behind custom wheels.