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S13/14/15 1UZ Swap Mounts

S13/14/15 1UZ Swap Mounts
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Product Description

S13/14/15 1UZ Swap Mounts
When we set out to swap the 1UZ into our 240SX, we wanted perfect fitment in the engine bay and strength that would never fail. Our mount kit reflects this effort with engine placement that cannot be bettered without modifying your crossmember and firewall. The XAT V1 mount was designed correct from the start, so there is no need for a "gen 2" design. You can expect about 1/16 inch clearance from upper oil pan to steering rack. What does this mean? It means the engine is as low as it can possibly go, to ensure the best handling possible. Our mount kit also has perfect room for heater core hoses, so those looking to retain factory heater do not have to sacrifice with their swap. Up front in the engine bay is plenty of room for an upgraded aluminum radiator and puller fans, so you do not have to move/modify any of the cooling/air conditioning equipment. All in all, NOBODY comes close to the original 1UZ swap kit by XAT RACING!!

Mounts are made from 1/4 inch steel, tig welded by hand, then heavy duty primed and painted dark silver for a clean look. This mount kit is rigid, meaning no dampener is used to ensure zero engine movement under high load/stress. Fortunately, the Toyota V8 is balanced very well, so it feels no harsher than an SR20 with Nismo mounts.

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