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SPEC Stage 5 XAT UZ Manual Conversion Swap Clutch Kit

SPEC Stage 5 XAT UZ Manual Conversion Swap Clutch Kit
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Sale price: $619.00
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Product Description

This is the most aggressive single disk clutch kit from SPEC for manual transmission swapped 1UZ, 2UZ, and 3UZ Toyota/Lexus V8 engines, with a holding power of 670 ft.lbs! So if you make the big power, have nitrous or just like to run it very hard, then this is for you.

Some light chatter and aggressive holding are common. Can be street driven if you don't mind the chatter.

We strongly recommend opting for one of our twin or triple disc clutches at this power level. "Do it once, do it right!"

Features a full-metallic disc with the highest possible friction co-efficient. Street drivable, but not street-friendly. The hub is solid 12-rivet and the assembly is heat treated for strength and durability. Best for extreme street and drag racing.