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Tomei Technical Trax Advance T-Trax LSD 2-Way Limited Slip Differential

Tomei Technical Trax Advance T-Trax LSD 2-Way Limited Slip Differential
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Product Description

Tomei Technical Trax Advance T-Trax LSD 2-Way Limited Slip Differential
The Technical Trax LSD unit is based on the multiple plate clutch design. With this design, the multiple friction clutch plates are located between the side gears and the differential casing and utilize the pinion and cam gears. This is a torque proportional type LSD. In the usual differential arrangement, it is connected to both left & right axles directly. When the driving force of one side differs in speed, the pinion gear with the cam angle forces the clutch plates to compress and grip to, in effect, transfer the driving torque evenly to both axles. The T-TRAX ADVANCE has adopted this system which has proven its effectiveness as the best for 2WD applications.

T-TRAX ADVANCE kit comes with everything required for each application:
☼ T-TRAX special diff oil
☼ Carrier cover gaskets
☼ Bearings and oil seals are included which are required when upgrading the diff

Increasing both the quantity of friction discs used and the higher initial torque loads can cause higher stress loads on the diff casing, which can increase the chance of failure. With the T-TRAX ADVANCE and a completely new diff casing design, there is now ample room for housing all the discs without compromising housing strength. This diff case design has never deformed nor failed under the vigorous testing that it has been placed under.

You also get quieter and improved transmission efficiency with Tomei's "ADVANCE DISC". The friction quality changed with the new surface finish. Smoother operations and more stable behavioral changes with either being ON or OFF the throttle. There is no loud LSD crackling sounds, therefore making it more comfortable for the daily street driven car.