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Tweak'd Universal Race Car UZ V8 Full Harness

Tweak'd Universal Race Car UZ V8 Full Harness
Item# XAT-V8-Tweakdharness
Regular price: $1,300.00
Sale price: $1,194.99
Engine:  VVT-i:  Throttle:  Transmission:  Alternator Plug:  Engine Management:  Starter Plug:  MIL-Spec Firewall Connector:  Loom Type:  Injector Type:  Coil Pack/Ignition:  MAP Sensor Type:  IAT Sensor Type:  O2 Sensor Type:  TPS:  Temp Sending Unit:  Oil Sending Unit:  Boost Control Solenoid:  Fuel Pressure:  Oil Pressure:  Clutch Pressure:  Exhaust Backpressure:  Coolant Pressure:  Flex Fuel:  Cam/Crank Sensors:  International Shipping: 

Product Description

Finally, a full harness for your V8 swap to make things much easier! We've done more than a few over the past decade, and now we're teaming up with the renown Dr. Tweak to offer a top shelf harness and their lifetime warranty!

These harnesses are all custom made for each individual application, so in many cases, we will need a core harness to start with. Please contact us and let us know directly what your application will need, and we'll be happy to get another UZ powered vehicle out there tearing it up!!

As of right now, we only have support for automatic transmissions if you run the factory ECU for them.