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Billet Adapter Plate for 1UZ to Nissan KA/SR 5 Speed Transmission

Billet Adapter Plate for 1UZ to Nissan KA/SR 5 Speed Transmission
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Product Description

When we took a look at the previous generation of adapter plates, all we could see was room for improvement and higher quality. We wanted a plate that would mount PERFECTLY with zero slop. It needed to look good and perform even better.

We start with a precision water-jet cut steel plate. This gives us sharp edges and a clean product: no sloppy flame cuts here. Next, we machine in PERFECT fastener holes, all counter sunk to provide a zero tolerance fitment. No guess work, no measuring, simply PERFECT FITMENT. Additionally, we provide the needed bolts to install the plate. If you are using the KA/SR trans, you will need the included modified throw-out bearing sleeve.

XAT Racing took a hard look at this swap over 5 years ago and decided to go all in with the "Toyota Small-Block" design. XAT Racing single handedly created the 1UZ swap market here in the USA, and along that path we have made many leaps in performance, drive-train, and ECU parts availability. Our products are CAD designed with OEM blocks and transmissions on professional equipment by industry professionals. No bad measurements, no flame cuts, no warped discs, no nonsense.

This is the missing link for doing the 1UZ swap, or simply adding a manual transmission to your already existing 1UZ-FE powered vehicle (LS400, SC400, and GS400 included). Made from extremely durable Cold Rolled Steel. Our CNC process for manufacturing the plate results in an extremely precise adapter plate, laser tight tolerances, and a focus on quality that has yielded a product that will produce less wear on the transmission and clutch. The kits being sold by our "competition" are routinely a few thousands off and have sloppy fitting dowel pin holes. We have even seen our competitor's plate first hand being warped right out of the box!

The adapter kits come with the needed pilot adapter, throwout pieces, and tapered, self centering hardware to mount and align the adapter plate itself. This is the tried and true kit from XAT Racing, except no imitations when it comes to 1UZ.