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Vibrant T304 Stainless U-J Mandrel Bend Exhaust Piping 1.5" to 4"

Vibrant T304 Stainless U-J Mandrel Bend Exhaust Piping 1.5" to 4"
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Product Description

We at XAT Racing are huge fans of the assorted options that Vibrant gives for us DIY guys. When making your own custom exhaust, you want the least amount of bends and restriction to flow that you can get. Since few people have easy access to a mandrel bender, the quickest and best way to complete a full mandrel bent (not crush bent!) exhaust is to purchase these U-J bends. They give you the assorted curves you need to route your piping the way it needs to be. For most cars, You will usually need 2 of these and a few feet of straight tubing for a full exhaust.

We offer a plethora of sizes, so no matter what your project is, we can help you get it made. Whether your project needs a regular 3" setup, wastegate tubing, or something wacky like dual 2.25" piping, XAT has you covered!!

☼ Vibrant's unique U-J Mandrel Bent Tubing combines a 180 degree bend and a 45 degree bend into one integral unit to give fabricators the ability to get up to 3 separate bends and a substantial straight length from each piece.

☼ Ideal for building custom exhaust systems, headers, downpipes, intercooler piping, etc.

☼ T304 Stainless Steel is a non-magnetic alloy that possesses very high chromium and nickel content, making it much more capable of withstanding acidic, high heat and corrosive conditions than regular (mild) steel.

If you need more specific specs or dimensions, just let us know and we will be happy to help!