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XAT QuarterMaster 1UZ Twin Rallye Plate 7.25" Clutch Kit

XAT QuarterMaster 1UZ Twin Rallye Plate 7.25" Clutch Kit
Item# xatqm3x1uz
Regular price: $1,450.00
Sale price: $1,049.00
Transmission Type:  Steel Clutch Alignment Tool (Nissan):  QMI Throw-out Bearing kit:  Starter Gear Needed?: 

Product Description

This is it: the holy grail of clutches for the 1UZ swap. This clutch is a 7.25" twin or rally twin disc button clutch that can hold over 800HP and weighs less than an OEM type clutch INCLUDING the flywheel and spacer plate!! This clutch is 100% made for the UZ swap, no modified flywheel or clutch setup. When we decided to build the ultimate clutch for our V8 swap, we looked to the industry leader and manufacturing giant that is QuarterMaster. They have been supplying NASCAR for years, so there is no better place to get the best product from.

This clutch kit comes with the following:
*XAT QM flywheel
*XAT QM 7.25 V-Drive 2 plate clutch pack
*ARP hardware to install the clutch to engine
*XAT billet spacer plate (configured to trans type in drop down menu)
If you need the OEM starter gear and shim, you can select that from our drop down menu as well. For the complete setup please select the QMI throw-out bearing kit as well.

One bad clutch for one bad swap!