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XAT Racing Universal Oil Cooler and Filter Relocation Kit Dash -10 Sized! FREE SHIPPING
XAT Racing Universal Oil Cooler and Filter Relocation Kit Dash -10 Sized! FREE SHIPPING
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Product Description

OPTIONAL 19 Row Cooler Available now!!!

We built a state-of-the-art remote oil filter system coupled with an incredible oil cooler, because not everyone wants to pay $1190+ for these. It is a fantastic system.

Our customers are absolutely impressed at the quality of our oil cooler and remote filter location kit. It uses a minimal amount of 90 degree AN fittings, which are known to reduce flow, is the only kit incorporating -10 AN size braided lines, which are optimized for pressure and flow given the number of bends, 90's, etc.

Designed specifically for most Japanese engines. Here at XATRacing.com, we know the importance of an oil cooler on a high output engine! As soon as an engine gets up to temperature, it becomes increasingly hard to dissipate the heat generated inside the engine and thus transferred to the oil.

In turbocharged engines, this is even more critical, as the heat in the oil is more prevalent due to the oil moving through the turbo assembly. When you use a quality oil cooler like this one, it allows the heat to be transferred to the cooler, not back into your engine.

This cooler will help keep the operating temp down when casual driving, or when you are using the power of your vehicle. 20-30 degree Fahrenheit temperature drops are being reported from our customer base in the field. This is a HUGE decrease in temperature, which helps facilitate greater lubrication performance and minimizes degradation effects from higher oil operating temperatures. Increases life in turbos, reduces top-end wear and bottom bearing wear as well.

This is a must have part for every turbocharged engine if you want it to last as long as it can. Our kit is a very affordable option, and is absolutely professional in its design and fabrication.

Our kit includes the billet CNC'd oil filter housing with relocation kit, AN fittings, stainless steel braided lines, and an 11 row core cooler.

As you know, changing your oil in many cars is "a bit of a pain" with the factory location of the oil filter. Our kit is a combination of an ultra-performance oil cooler coupled together with a remote filter location package, which allows you to mount the filter in a location where you can reach it easily and without hassle.

Our kit is billet 6061 T6 aluminum and comes fitted with true AN fittings and hose that is hydraulically pressed. No links, no cheap cast part and no hose clamps.

As an option, some customers will find the Setrab 2-piece oil cooler brackets to be a help with the install. This all depends upon where you wish to do the install. It isn't mandatory for the install, but it can certainly make installation easier.