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2JZ turbo manifold

SupraStore ProSeries 2JZ Turbo Manifold 1JZ 2JZGTE 2JZGE VVTi or non T3 T4 T6 or V-band Inlet

Please note these are currently built to order with a roughly 6-8 week turnaround time. Sometimes quicker, sometimes 10-12 weeks. We can't currently make any promises and are doing our best to keep up.

If you are running a V-band inlet turbo, please let us know which one so we can weld the correct flange to the manifold. We strongly suggest finding the correct flange and sending it in to us, since there's an assortment of different v-band flanges used on the market.

Dual wastegate manifolds may need to be modified to fit your chassis/project

For years people have been asking why you must pay $1200+ for a turbo manifold. While we appreciate it takes time to design and fabricate a manifold, it doesn't require a $1200+ price tag.

Our goal was under $1000 for a world-class hand-made manifold for the Supra community, which we have been a part of longer than any business on the planet. We also include a 3 year warranty on all ProSeries exhaust manifolds sold!

Our 304SS tig welded 2JZ exhaust manifold scavenges like none other on the market, with efficient runner designs and a proven collector, which fits smaller frame to mid frame turbos from Precision, Garrett, Borg Warner and more.

They are finished in a brushed-stainless "raw-look", but we can ceramic coat them at extra cost, if that is what you require. They are robust, handle heat cycles correctly and are guaranteed to perform.

The No. 1 runner is designed to provide maximum clearance for larger compressor cover turbochargers, while at the same time providing for an efficient overall layout. If you plan on running a larger turbocharger than an S300 series for instance, we also make a mid frame manifold instead.

ProSeries turbo manifolds are offered in un-divided (standard) and divided for those wanting to run twin scroll turbos, as well as Quick Spool (QSV) and Borg Warner EFR Non-Gate designs.

ProSeries turbo manifolds are hand-made in a jig (to offer consistency) and have amazing welds, and the fitment is outstanding. The standard sized runners are 1 5/8" inside diameter and utilize .080" wall thickness stainless.

This design allows for higher velocity exhaust energy, while still maintaining significant flow. These manifolds perform outstanding up to 1250rwhp. We have multiples customers making power numbers over that level, and running 8 flat 1/4 mi times with our manifold.

Inside Tubing Diameter: 1 5/8"

Wall Thickness: .080" (2mm)

If you require a TiAL, Precision, Turbosmart gate flange, or other branded V-band flange welded in (no 2 bolt or 4 bolt ones), this is available as an option in the drop down menu. Please let us know which wastegate you will be using.

When no wastegate flange is selected you will receive the manifold with the standard length wastegate tube "open" to mount whatever you want.

* Quick Spool Valve Turbo Manifolds are Available. Please see our other item listing for that specific version *.

* Our 3-year no questions covers any manufacturing related defect, including all welds and through cracking. The no questions asked warranty is for the original purchaser only. Micro-cracking of external welds in heat-cycled stainless has no affect upon performance.

Please be aware that there may be fitment issues with the dual gate setup in some cars. Although we can weld the wastegate flanges on by request, please note that we cannot guarantee fitment with your setup, as minor modification will most likely be needed.

Fitment will also be very tight with the Mk3 Supra frame rails if installing in an A70 chassis. In most cases, you will have to modify the frame rails/chassis, as there's not much room for fitment regardless of manifold used. Very little persuasion is required, but this is inevitable with our manifolds as we make our manifolds to fit as many different chassis' as possible. You will be better off with slightly modifying the chassis than compromising manifold design.

As with pretty much all tubular manifolds for these engines, you can expect to either modify existing mounting hardware or use the shorter hardware kit we offer. Again, the only way to feasibly make these manifolds with thick walls and proper runner design is to have a tight fit on the flange. This is much more preferable to compromising manifold design.

At maximum width from the head flange of the manifold, this is at its widest at about 10.75 to 11 inches, give or take

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  • $990
    • SKU
    • Weight
      17 lbs
  • Engine
    2JZGTE (VVTi or non), 2JZGE (VVTi or non), 1JZGTE VVTi, 1JZGTE non-VVTi
  • Shorter Mounting Hardware
    Yes!, No
  • Turbo Footprint
    T4 Divided, T4 Undivided, V-band (let us know which), T3 Divided, T3 Undivided, T6 Divided, T6 Undivided
  • Wastegate Flange Welded
    TiAL MV-R 44mm, TurboSmart 45mm, Precision 46mm, TiAL MV-S 38mm, TiAL V60, Dual Gate 44mm, Dual Gate 38mm, None, I will weld this myself
  • Wastegate Piping
    Standard (up to 46mm WG fitment), V60 fitment (does not include flange welding)
  • Screamer Wastegate Pipe (must match WG)
    Yes, 44-46mm, Yes 44-46mm ceramic coated black, Yes, 60mm, Yes, 60mm ceramic coated black, Dual 44-46mm, None
  • Ceramic Coating
    Yes, black, No
  • Turbo Mounting Studs
    Yes, regular studs, None
  • Manifold Style
    ProSeries, Mid-frame (for GT42 and bigger)

Most product ships from either the manufacture or largest wholesale location to pass the saving to you. Most orders will ship via UPS, as we will be able to provide the best rates and have had the least issues when using UPS.

IF YOU DO NOT LIKE THE AUTOMATED SHIPPING CALCULATOR'S RATES, PLEASE CONTACT US AND WE CAN GET YOU A BETTER ONE! Especially for anyone outside the USA, please contact us with a list of parts you'd like to order, and where you are located.

We accept the following payment methods:

Also Venmo and unmarked nonsequential dollar bills

  • Fitment Type
    Vehicle Specific
Toyota/LexusLexus GS/Aristo1992-1997 S1472JZ-GE/2JZ-GTE 3.0 I6
Toyota/LexusLexus GS/Aristo1998-2005 S1602JZGE/2JZGTE 3.0 I6 (98-05) JZS160/JZS161
Toyota/LexusCrown (hardtop)1995-19992JZ-GE 3.0 I6 Royal Saloon, Royal Saloon G, Royal Touring (JZS155)
Toyota/LexusCrown (hardtop)1995-19991JZ-GE 2.5 I6 Royal Saloon (JZS151)
Toyota/LexusChaser, Mark II, Cresta1996-2001 X1001JZ-GE VVTi 2.5 I6 Tourer S, Avante/Grande
Toyota/LexusChaser, Mark II, Cresta1996-2001 X1001JZ-GTE VVTi 2.5 I6 turbo Tourer V
Toyota/LexusCrown Majesta1995-1999 S1502JZ-GE 3.0 I6 (JZS155)
Toyota/LexusLexus SC/Soarer1992-2000 Z302JZ-GE 3.0 I6 JZZ31
Toyota/LexusLexus SC/Soarer1992-2000 Z301JZ-GTE 2.5 I6 turbo JZZ30
Toyota/LexusSupra1993-2002 A802JZ-GTE/2JZ-GE 3.0 I6 JZA80
Toyota/LexusSupra1986.5-1992 A701JZ-GTE 2.5 TT I6 JDM 1990-1993 JZA70

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