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QM QuarterMaster Clutch 8.5" Overhaul Rebuild Kit for Twin Rallye QMI

QM QuarterMaster Clutch 8.5" Overhaul Rebuild Kit for Twin Rallye QMI

We offer a full line replacement parts for our custom XAT / Quarter Master clutches to keep your car on the road! Unlike some other multi disc clutch options (such as HKS), these parts are still available new, and don't have to be shipped over from Japan.

The dropdown menus offer an assortment of options to get only the parts you need. We've also provided example pictures to differentiate what the individual options are!

Please note that the pressure plate and clutch cover are not the same part. The pressure plate looks like the floater disc with an added round angle around it, whereas the clutch cover has the actual cover/diaphragm with it. The bottom of the pressure plate has the same surface as the floater disc, but is thicker with a different shape on top

The base kit includes just replacement discs for your twin Rallye clutch. In most cases, you'll need to replace the discs, the pressure plate, and the floater disc. Depending on the condition of the button flywheel, you might be able to reuse it or have it resurfaced locally.

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  • $725
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    • Weight
      10 lbs
  • Transmission Fitment
    Nissan Z33/Z34 CD009, Toyota R154/W58
  • Replacement Clutch Cover Bolts
    Yes, No
  • Replacement Button Flywheel
    UZ V8, 51217009SC, JZ I6, 51217009SC, No thanks

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    Regular Product

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