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Walbro 400 lph Fuel Pump 485 450 F90000267 E85 With Fitment Kit

Walbro 400 lph Fuel Pump 485 450 F90000267 E85 With Fitment Kit

The Walbro 430 lph "turbine style" High-Pressure fuel pump is a fairly recent aftermarket release designed to meet the fuel-hungry demands of modern turbocharging enthusiasts. The Walbro 400lph High Pressure unit can flow close to the amount of dual in-tank pumps or large externals but in a small, convenient and surprisingly quiet package!

This pump is a great solution for turbocharged cars, and anyone looking to make big power and run high boost with a simple fuel system where the 255lph pump won't suffice. Walbro's turbine pump head uses a set of two turbine blades set in parallel on a common shaft (like a jet engine or positive displacement supercharger).

We dont feel it is worth offering the standard gas only 400 lph version, in a world where all pump gas is E10 minimum. So we offer the E85 F90000267 430LPH flowing version of this pump--which is about .400" longer! The 267 outflows the 262 by about 8% and is fully E85 compatible. Both pumps are in-tank design use fuel pumps.

This high efficiency pump design pressurizes the fuel as it flows through the pump axially without forcing the fluid to change direction. The end result is tremendous flow rates at a variety of different rail pressures and to suit various injector sizes!

Designed for engines making more than 500 HP

Award-winning OE technology

High-pressure, high-flow performance

Requires modification to wiring, fuel lines and fuel module (Professional installation recommended)

Outperforms nearly all current market in-tank fuel pumps

** Please note that this is designed for higher powered vehicles, and those properly equipped for such a fuel pump. Make sure these are professionally installed and tuned by someone familiar with fuel delivery systems and tuning **

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