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AEM Engine Control Module 30-7108

AEM Infinity-8h 508 Stand-Alone Programmable Engine Management System

Infinity 508 Stand-Alone Programmable Engine Management System

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  • $1,506.92

Infinity 508 Stand-Alone Programmable Engine Management System

    • SKU
    • Weight
      5 lbs
    • Dimensions (L x W x H)
      12 x 12 x 3 in
  • Sensor Package
    No, 3.5 Bar Map Sensor & IAT Pack, 5 Bar Map Sensor & IAT Pack
  • Boost Control Solenoid
    No, Yes, 4 Port EMS Control Kit

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    Regular Product

Refund, Returns and Cancellation Policies: all returns are subject to the restocking fee as per the provider of the part. Engine internals are non-returnable due to their nature.

Q: Does the Infinity-6 need signal conditioning for flex fuel?

A: No, you wire the Flex sensor directly to the inputs

Q: Can the Infinity-6 do VVTi control and flex fuel at the same time or does it run out of inputs?

A: Yes, both at the same time

Q: I can see it has CAN BUS compatibility. Can I use a Racepak iQ3 along with this? 

A: Yes you can, but you need their AEM CAN adapter, as with the older EMS v2

Q: Do I need additional sensors for the traction control or does it use speed sensors from the factory ABS system? 

A: Can use the factory sensors, but has to be wired in

Q: Will the Infinity-6 run batch or sequential injection? 

A: You can run either one

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