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The beating heart of every chassis. The engine and its characteristics are some of the biggest and most important considerations when choosing a car or build. Everyone has their personal preferences--but how a car accelerates, resonates with you, and reacts to your inputs all are determined most heavily by what engine you opt for. There's also no shortage of options out there, with different displacements/sizes, shapes (inline vs. V vs. horizontal), sounds, and manufacturers. We at XAT know better than most that the best engines don't always come in the most desirable chassis either. With literally hundreds of engine swaps under our belt, we're here to help make your dreams a reality! Let's build a high HP setup and get crazy!  

Which engine should I go with? This is something that takes heavy consideration. The answer will depend on what your goals are with the car, what your budget is, and what your personal preferences are. You'll notice most XAT parts for years have been centred around the Toyota/Lexus UZ V8 engine series. We like this engine for most any application, as it's the most narrow production DOHC V8 that has been produced in massive numbers, lighter than many iron block alternatives, and most parts are interchangeable over its complete lifespan from 1989-2011. That gives you 22 years of production to choose from in 13 different cars offered worldwide by Toyota and Lexus, making them inexpensive and extremely plentiful, but with the reliability and strength Toyota is known for.

The best versions come equipped with VVTi, which include higher flowing heads and a freer flowing 2 stage intake manifold. Regardless of your intentions and build goals, we typically recommend opting for the 1998 or newer UZ series. Please feel free to contact us with specific questions, regardless of your build, and we will be happy to help make your dreams a reality!