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Head Port Bench Flow Test Numbers in CFM
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Head Port Bench Flow Test Numbers in CFM

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In the interest of ever expanding our knowledge base, we are offering actual bench flow testing numbers for various Toyota heads, free! Included are actual numbers from heads we have ported in the past for actual customers.

Although it looks cool to have big, polished, shiny intake and exhaust ports to show the real world, this is impractical. Aggressive port jobs work for a dedicated drag race car or circle track roundy-round car that will always be going wide open throttle, pushing well over double the HP of the factory setup with big cams and/or extra boost from a turbo or supercharger. Anything else getting this treatment would end up losing low and mid range power as charge air velocity drops, and a little turbulence is conducive to better air/fuel mixing.

With decades of hands on experience, our guys hand port every head that gets our pocket port service. We have the know how with where it is needed most, and how much is needed. Our results show modest improvements throughout the RPM range, and noticeable gains in the top end, without sacrificing much low end power to get there.

Some engines (such as the 1URFE and 3URFE, which share the same exact cylinder head) already have massive ports that have been expertly engineered by Toyota. Are there gains to be had from porting these heads as well? At the very top end above 6000 RPM, yes, potentially, with enough cam and enough boost. For the vast majority of users making high HP N/A or even mild boost, there's not much benefit from doing so. As you can see from the numbers above, the stock UR V8 head already overwhelmingly outflows even a ported 2JZGTE head! This makes this 2nd generation of V8s a terrific starting platform as a capable powerplant.

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