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JDM Land Cruiser 80 Series Information

JDM Land Cruiser 80 Series Information

We hope to one day have a more comprehensive FAQ/info page detailing the nuances bits of info about these trucks. This page is in no way complete! Our plan involves expanding our specialty to include these trucks. Our focus is mainly on the JDM ones, with the many more options they had in theirs over the USDM offerings! Some of our knowledge comes from research on the internet, but the majority comes from original Japanese brochures, parts diagrams/catalogs, owning multiple versions, etc.

As with many other Toyota offerings, the 80s were split with different options and aesthetics between early models (zenki, 1990-1994) and later models (kouki, 1995-1997). One of the biggest changes from the 60 series to the 80 was switching all 4 corners to coil springs. All diesels still are 12 volt chassis, but with a 24v starter system, and all had dual batteries.

From 1990-1992, gas engines were only available in VX and VX Limited trims. The only way to get 3 row seating was with the gas engine as well. In Japan, the "van" version means 2 row seating, and "wagon" means 3 row seating. SOB swing out back doors, or LUB lift up back doors were the two rear styles. Unrelated to "van" or "wagon" designations. ABS was optional on all models except STD.

Engine Options

Engine (MM/YY available)1HD-FT (01/95-01/98) SOHC1HD-T (01/90-01/95) SOHC1HZ (01/90-01-98) SOHC1FZ-FE (01/95-01/98) DOHC3F-E (01/90-08/92) pushrod
Bore x Stroke (mm)94 x 10094 x 10094 x 100100 x 9594 x 95
Horsepower (HP) @ RPM167 HP @ 3600162 HP @ 3600133 HP @ 4000212 HP @ 4600153 HP @ 4200
Torque (lb ft) @ RPM280 ft lbs @ 2500267 ft lbs @ 2000206 ft lbs @ 2200275 ft lbs @ 3200213 ft lbs @ 2600
Compression ratio18.6:118.6:122.7:19.0:18.1:1

Transmission Gear Ratios

Transmission5 speed manual (1HD-T & 1HD-FT)5 speed manual (1HZ)4 speed auto (1FZ, 1HD)4 speed auto (1HZ)

Originally, the 80 series was released with 4 different trim levels. 

  • STD
  • GX
  • VX
  • VX Limited.


STD was the base model, with rear drums, horizontal opening rear doors (Swing Out Back), no 3rd row seat, only available with 5 speed manual, part time 4WD, no spare tire on the rear door, only engine option was the 1HZ 4.2 N/A inline 6 SOHC diesel, bore/stroke 94x100mm, 135 HP @ 4000 RPM, 206 ft lbs @ 2200 RPM, compression ratio of 22.7:1 and only available in 045 white. Most modern creature comforts/features were either not available, or were optional extras. They had mechanical free wheeling hubs, and a 1 touch 2-4 selector. The STD trim was only available from 1990-1992. As a stripped down version of the chassis, it is often lovingly referred to as the "poverty package"


Originally, GX only came with the 1HZ. In 93, STD was dropped, and the GX became the base option. The carryover 3F-E was replaced with the new 4.5 liter 1FZ-FE DOHC inline 6. Bore/stroke 100x95mm. 9.0:1 compression. 212 HP @ 4600 RPM, 275 ft lbs @ 3200 RPM. The N/A 1HZ also could be had in VX and VX Limited trims from then on, only available in automatic trans. The gas 1FZ was also available in GX trim starting in 93. From 96.5-97, the 1HD-FT was also available in GX trim.

  • Manuals were all part time 4WD


  • ABS
  • LSD rear
  • F/R locking axles



  • LSD rear end standard on zenkis, unless triple lockers were optioned. Koukis had LSD as an option.
  • Zenki manuals (except STD) were part time 4WD. All kouki VXs were full time 4WD.
  • Moonroof


  • Spare tire on back door

VX Limited


  • Cooler/icebox standard until 1994, then no longer offered at all. Zenki Limited trucks were the only way to get a cooler.
  • Automatic only, never offered with a manual transmission
  • LSD rear end standard, unless F/R lockers were optioned
  • Spare tire on back door


The 1990 diesel trucks all debuted with 60 amp alternators, though winter spec 1HZs got an 80 amp one, and the 1HD winter spec got a 100 amp one. Gas trucks had an 80 amp standard, though the VX Limited and VXs with dual zone A/C had a 90 amp alternator standard. When the 1FZ was released, all came with 100 amp alternators standard.

Additionally, zenki 1HD-T trucks got an analog green light in the tachometer showing you when you were in positive pressure, an old school Toyota gimmick for many years in various models. When the light is on, that means you're getting your extra money's worth since you bought the turbo version! 

The kouki 1HD-FT trucks did away with this light, replacing it with a red light if the turbo is over-boosting, and another red light telling you when to change the timing belt.

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JDM Chassis Codes

LUB = Lift Up Back, rear door split horizontally, opens up and down. SOB = Swing Out Back, rear door split vertically, opens left/right. Often referred to as "barn doors"

HDJ81-RCMNW 96.5-97 GX 1HD-FT manual, SOB 
HDJ81-RCPNW 96.5-97 GX 1HD-FT auto, SOB 
HDJ81V-RNMEW 95-97 VX 1HD-FT manual, LUB, typically most sought after version
HDJ81V-RNMEX 90-94 VX 1HD-T manual, LUB 
HDJ81V-RNPEW 95-97 VX 1HD-FT auto, LUB 
HDJ81V-RNPEX 90-94 VX 1HD-T auto or 90-92 VX Limited 1HD auto, LUB 
HDJ81V-RNPGW 95-97 VX Limited 1HD-FT, LUB 
HDJ81V-RNPGX 92-95 VX Limited 1HD-T, LUB 
HZJ81-RCMRS 90-92 STD 1HZ manual, SOB 
HZJ81V-RCMNS 93.5-96.4 GX 1HZ manual, SOB 
HZJ81V-RCPNS 93-96.4 GX 1HZ auto, SOB 
HZJ81V-RNMNS 90-93.4 GX 1HZ manual, LUB 
HZJ81V-RNPES 93.5-96.4 VX 1HZ (auto only), LUB 
HZJ81V-RNPGS 93.5-96.4 VX Limited 1HZ, LUB 
HZJ8V1-RNPNS 90-92 GX 1HZ auto, LUB 
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