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kelford cams SR20 camshaft set

Kelford Cams SR20DET Camshaft Set S13

Includes both cams. Pick your favorite duration/life profile from the menu! This listing is for the non-NVCS SR20DET with hydraulic lifters

188A: Street performance cams to suit small turbo upgrade. High lift and low duration for great low end, and midrange power. Require aftermarket valve springs 

188-A2: High performance "drop in" cams to suit stock valve springs. Requires ECU re-tune

188-B: Ultimate drift spec cams featuring maximum lobe area and low duration for fast spool and lots of top end power. Requires aftermarket valve springs. Kelford requires beehive valve springs if running over 2 bar/29 psi of boost

188-C: 280 Degree racing cams to suit street / strip engines with a large turbo. Requires aftermarket valve springs. Kelford requires beehive valve springs if running over 2 bar/29 psi of boost

188-D: 284/290 Degree drag racing cams to suit large turbo, high boost SR20 engines using E85 or Methanol. Kelford requires beehive valve springs at this level, which you should be running by now anyways.

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  • $865.25

Kelford cams is a huge name in the Aussie and NZ area. Somewhat new to America comparatively, but far from new in knowing how to build amazing cams! The Kelford cam design has gone through many tests to produce the best powerband possible. These cams are offered in an assortment from 254 all the way up to the race only 284/290 set!.Upgraded valve springs are a must for the 280 and crazier cams. Kelford recommends the 268/272 as the ultimate drift cam due to midrange TQ and HP produced from the profile. The 280+ is for those who want all out top end HP for drag racing and dyno queening

This Kelford Cams range of street and race track proven camshafts are for the SR20DET non-NVCS hydraulic lifter engines.

This range of cams give our customers the benefits of increasing power and extending the life of parts.

Our catalog offerings cater for a range of applications, including our ultimate drift specification, which features low seat to seat duration for fast spool and lots of top end power.

However, if you can't find your perfect camshaft within our catalog, designing custom profiles is our specialty, or we can manufacture a cam to your specifications.

    • SKU
    • Weight
      10 lbs
    • Dimensions (L x W x H)
      10 x 10 x 10 in
  • Cam Profile
    260/266,11.8mm/11.0mm; 188-A, 266/270, 11.0mm/11.0mm; 188-A2, 268/272, 12mm/11.5mm; 188-B, 280/280, 12.5mm/12.0mm; 188-C, 284/290, 12.5/12mm; 188-D
  • Valve Springs
    No thanks, Yes, Kelford KVS93, Yes, Kelford Beehive KVS93-BT

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    Regular Product

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