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UCF20 original Celsior brochure dealer options

LS400 Celsior UCF20 Breakdown by Type A, B, C, C/F, and eR UCF21 Options

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Why should I go Celsior?

  • Who else has a Celsior? Pretty much nobody. Show them that they're missing out!

  • We have the car here, ready to go, and can answer questions you may have about it. It is titled, fully legal, and ready to enjoy many more years of appreciation

  • Terrific starting platform for a new canvas to express yourself as an artist

  • Parts are readily available. 85-90% of the car is interchangeable with LS400 parts

  • The Japanese have much more pride in their cars and appearance than Americans do. Japanese cars tend to be much better taken care of, and reflect a value of one’s worth to the world. In America, cars are just appliances for the vast majority of people

  • We have been tinkering with the UZ engines and these platforms for well over a decade now. We can usually answer almost any question you might have about the platform. There’s a reason we chose this engine, and firmly believe it is one of the most underrated engines even today!

  • Although we technically did get some cloth interior LS400s, we’ve only seen a handful at most, ever. Celsiors, meanwhile, almost never had leather seats. The majority of them used wool cloth instead of the base model fabric. Wool cloth seats take less maintenance and arguably are more comfortable than leather

  • You can cruise in luxurious splendor with the pinnacle of Japanese engineering. You can be austentatious without being condescending!

  • XAT is working on developing more chassis specific parts for the UCF10 and UCF20 cars. Clutch pedals and mount brackets are already produced for LHD LS400 UCF10s, and soon we will have RHD Celsior clutch solutions for both UCF10 and UCF20 chassis’

  • Toyota spent $1 billion and over a decade of R&D to develop this car. The LS400/Celsior completely revolutionized the luxury car market, and it shows. 

  • Toyota tested well over 2 million miles when developing these cars, in different climates and conditions. So we laugh whenever we see a car with 250,000 miles get called “high mileage,” as the cars have much more life in them with basic maintenance.

  • Features/Options the Celsior has that we never got in the USA LS400:

    • Ultrasonic drying side mirrors

    • Rear massaging/heated power seats

    • Rear audio controls and A/C controls built into the center armrest

    • Fold down front passenger seat that can be used for extra space

    • Dedicated rear A/C, with rear dedicated cabin air filter. Yes, even 30 years ago!

    • Better audio system

    • Electric rear window curtain

    • Factory Toyota doilies for added class and seat protection 

    • TEMS (Toyota Electronically Modulated Suspension) as an option, and Air Ride with TEMS as one step up

    • Wool cloth seat material

    • 10 way power front seats

    • Radar guided cruise control

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    Vehicle Specific
Toyota/LexusLexus LS/Celsior1995-1997 UCF20/21 LS400/Celsior1UZ-FE 4.0 V8 non-VVTi
Toyota/LexusLexus LS/Celsior1998-2000 UCF20/21 LS400/Celsior1UZ-FE VVTi 4.0 V8

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