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What's Involved In Importing a JDM Car? & So Called "JDM Tax"
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What's Involved In Importing a JDM Car? & So Called "JDM Tax"

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It's not even just JDM tax. When you import cars, you have to pay whoever you get it from (usually an auction yard), possibly storage, make sure it's de-registered, transport from the auction yard to the dock, dock for loading, transport to USA, dock at USA for unloading, customs fees, then you either pay the dock for the privilege of picking up your own car, or pay a transport company to deliver it to your location.

Now that you have the car, you then have to get it legal in your state. In FL, if it can drive under its own power, it's legal...sort of. We don't have emissions testing like other states do.

So then you have to physically take it to one of just a few locations, most of which are not local. That means paying someone or trailering it to where it needs to be. We're lucky that it's only 40 minutes away for us. You cant legally drive it there for the inspection, as it has no insurance, no registration, no tag, etc.

Now that it's there, it has to pass inspection. Your local DMV most likely is not set up for this, there's separate places that are. During inspection, you have to present the proper customs forms, which have to be filled out properly by the department of homeland security.

Once it passes, you have to go to your local DMV and obtain a title for it. VIN has to be registered, etc. It's a different process for JDM cars, as they don't have 17 digit VINs and they don't have stickers plastered over every door and body panel.

You cant register/tag it without insurance, so you need to find an insurance company that will insure the car. Once it's insured, and you get the tag, THEN it's legal to drive

Plus, you are only allowed to buy/sell 3 cars in any 12 month period without getting a dealer's license, which requires a brick and mortar location zoned for commercial etc. etc.

XAT Racing is NOT currently a car dealer. We are merely putting these cars up for consignment in hopes of spreading our passions and excitement with the world!

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