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XAT Racing has listed the following cars on consignment! We're most passionate about big RWD Toyotas, and we are looking to spread that passion as much as possible. As such, we have listed some hand selected JDM cars that we specialize in to import to the USA. These are cars that we know and love, have gone through extensively, and are ready to be enjoyed for many years to come. No messing with process trying to buy one in Japan, go through the lengthy and expensive process of waiting for it to show up, transporting it over, picking it up at the dock, titling it, legalizing it, etc. These are completely safe and legal, ready to go cars, all finalized and ready for the next owner.

On this page, you will also sometimes find cars we have built in house to show off and offer to the right person who is looking for a turn key, finished, running build. These are cars we love and put a great deal of ourselves into and love driving, however we're always looking forward to the next project, so to do that, we have to make room for the next big thing.

Additionally, if there is a car in Japan you lust for, we can try to track one down for you. Whether it is an R32 or R33 Skyline, S13 or S14 240SX/Silvia, GC8 WRX, Honda SiR or Type R, Toyota Celsior, Century, Chaser, Crown, or even kei cars, we can work with you to get you what you're looking for! Please reach out to us. Let us know what gets you excited, and we can work with you.

As with all our car purchases, payment must be made with Zelle or in person

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