Drivetrain / Transmission / Differential/ Etc.

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Your engine and how much power it makes is entirely useless without having a way to put that power to the ground! These important parts determine how quickly you get up to speed, how much traction you have, and how well it all holds together. In our opinion, one of the most important and engaging parts most enthusiast/driver's cars should have is a manual transmission. Many of the best engines out there today are not offered with one from the factory, so we step in and offer solutions!  

Simply put, the transmission's job is to keep the car as much in the engine's RPM powerband as possible throughout any speed. The differential then splits this power to the drive wheels.

There are many different ways this is done on various cars, between FWD (front wheel drive, transverse mounted sideways engine typically, no driveshaft, more compact, mostly self contained differential/transmission combo), RWD (rear wheel drive, longitudinal mounted engine, usually followed by transmission, driveshaft, differential to split the power to the drive wheels), and AWD/4WD, which pushes power to all 4 wheels in very different ways.

You can think of the drivetrain as the legs of the car. They're important for heavy lifting and (of course) going fast. Their most important job is to hold up the rest of the build and stay together. XAT has been ahead of the curve with bringing affordable but strong drivetrain options to keep the power at the ground, and not using it to rip itself apart!