Suspension / Chassis Enhancement

Part science and part black magic, suspension geometry and chassis tuning is a bit less well known and understood in most tuning circles. As with most other parts used in a build, there is not a single answer for all projects and budgets that get you to where you need to be. Even small changes affect how the rest of your car turns and moves, plus each driver will have their own preferences on how a car should react. With the proper education and a little trial and error, suspension upgrades can be some of the most important ways to shave lap times or stay sideways longer!

An improper suspension setup can throw off your entire car. When you lower your car, you're changing the geometry of how everything was designed to work together. One thing to keep in mind is that all of the chassis and suspension parts work together to produce a finished car. Simply bolting on suspension parts will not automatically give you the desired result! They have to be dialled in correctly and harmonise with the rest of the car. Adjustable suspension arms won't make a difference until a proper alignment is performed. A bigger sway bar works with the shocks/struts, not independently of them. Lowering a car doesn't automatically make it faster. If you need suggestions, we at XAT Racing are here to help!

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