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82mm Bosch Electronic Throttle Body Kit by Link

82mm Bosch Electronic Throttle Body Kit by Link

82mm Bosch Electronic Throttle Body. Although this wont bolt up to your Toyota engine, if you're going with a standalone engine management system and looking to maximize functionality in the modern world, this is a solid option!

There's no reason not to go with an OEM for a DBW throttle. They have done more testing and development on these than any non-OEM setup out there. Additionally, many companies like (Link) have onboard support built into their newest ECUs, making these basically plug and play!

Why Go Drive-by-Wire?

Much has changed since we first started seeing drive by wire throttles take over. The issues many have with drive-by-wire throttles tend to be entirely routed in factory electronics and tuning. When set up properly, you wont see or feel the obnoxious delays, hesitations, or driver nannies holding you back. There's actually quite a few benefits to a drive by wire setup with an aftermarket standalone computer! With a modern EMS and throttle, you can add all of the following to your vehicle, or at least improve functionality!

  • Launch control
  • Anti-lag/2-step
  • Cruise control without cables and diaphragms all over the engine bay
  • Traction control if wheel slip is detected
  • Fail-safe if the ECU instantaneously detects issues
  • Full control over engine idling without an external idle air motor/controller


  • 82mm Bore size
  • Dual potentiometer redundancy
  • Bosch quality and performance
  • Includes groove on inlet port flange
  • Includes mating connector kit

Further details on E-Throttle setup can be found in the PC Link helpfile. 

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