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XAT Racing WORLD FIRST BILLET 3UR Cams 5.7L V8 Performance Camshafts for Tundra Sequoia Land Crui...

XAT Racing WORLD FIRST BILLET 3UR Cams 5.7L V8 Performance Camshafts for Tundra Sequoia Land Cruiser LX570 3URFE

We have been offering these for a few years now with superb results! These are not simply overpriced regrinds of stock cams. There are machined from new billet cores! 

These cams will be for anyone looking to get the most out of their Tundra, Sequoia, LX570, GX460, Land Cruiser, etc. with the 3URFE, 3URFBE, or 1URFE engines

If you've already done basic mods like intake, exhaust, and tune, this is the logical next step for you to have some noticeable gains, however you can expect to need at least an upgraded valvetrain to run these. We cannot confirm fitment with the LS460 and GS460 car 1UR-FSE engines. DO NOT expect them to drop in without modifications. We DO make 1URFSE specific cams as well 

For the manufacturing process, we start with proprietary cast iron billets, CNC machine the lobes, and finish off with double heat treatment, 5160 induction hardening, and Tufftriding. 

Pictured is one set from the actual run of UR cams made!! We try to keep a set in stock, as these are low production numbers. Once they leave, there may be a few weeks wait time before we get more in. Don't forget to install the "freeze plug" caps at the end of the cams during installation. 

Specs for factory cams:
236 duration, 6.36 cam lift intake
236 duration, 6.27mm cam lift exhaust 

Cam specs for XAT RACE cams:
282 duration, 7.17 cam lift intake, 245 duration at .050"
286 duration, 7.17 cam lift exhaust, 247 duration at .050" 

With the factory rocker ratio, that's 10.76mm of valve lift with our cams! As such, you should verify clearance with your pistons and these cams. In most cases, you may need custom pistons.

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XAT Racing
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  • $1,950
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    • Weight
      22 lbs
  • Manufacturer
    XAT Racing
  • XAT Solid Lifter Kit (recommended)
    Yes, No
  • Cam Profile
    Forced Induction, S/C (247/248), N/A Build (282/286)
  • Intake/Exhaust Valves
    Yes, OEM size, Yes, +1mm oversize, No
  • Valve Spring and Retainer Kit
    Yes, Brian Crower w/Ti retainers, Yes, Manley with Ti retainers, Yes, Manley springs only, No
  • Bronze Valve Guides
    Yes, No

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