XAT Legacy / About Us

XAT RACING was founded in Tampa, FL as the ultimate shop for Nissan and Toyota performance. With over 400 SR20 swaps under our belts, we know our way around a drift car or an outright sick car for the streets. You can count on XAT for all your needs in parts, tech service, ecu tuning, and full car builds!


  • Casey Higgins: original founder (RIP)
  • Andrew Cooley: rich kid that originally invested and smoked lots of crack
  • Martin Struck: ECU tuner of legend status, known for Formula D tunes
  • Taylor Durdan: engine builder / mechanic / fabricator
  • Matt Vassalo: engine builder / mechanic
  • Bill "HachiBill" Sherman: Formula D driver / mechanic
  • Rob Fleming: Formula D driver
  • Mikespeed "Bubba Drift" Peters: Formula D driver
  • Chris Tyler: Mechanic / Scooter Toss Champion of 2007 / Moped Crasher / Grindhouse™ Operator
  • Frankie Tobin: Mechanic
  • Ryan something: Original Toyota harness master
  • Mark "Apexhero": Toyota specialist
  • Lena "Drifter X" Chin: Sometimes took empty trash cans out to empty them further
  • Mike Ranlet: Fabricator / Local Hero / Think Tank / Grindhouse™ Operator

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