Project Builds/Show Off

XAT Racing parts have been used in hundreds of projects worldwide, and we've fabricated a number of builds in house as well. We're proud to share these pics and information with the world! Please note I have forgotten about this section of the site, and it is woefully out of date, with a large number of builds not included here


Projects shown in this section were done in-house. These are actual XAT built cars and trucks, so they tend to be a bit wild, crazy, and different from what you normally see and expect.

Vehicles listed in this section are ones that we did not build entirely in house, but we did supply parts for and did our best to help contribute where we were needed. There have been a number of high end builders and big names that have used our engineered and fabricated parts for a number of different builds.

magic mikes datsun


drift samuari

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