Return Policy

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Refund, Returns and Cancellation Policies: all returns are subject to the restocking fee as per the provider of the part. Engine internals and built engines are non-returnable due to their nature. Refunds are typically only given for 100% unused and resalable parts with their original packaging and all included parts, hardware, instructions, etc. in undamaged and "brand new" condition. Our normal restocking fee is 20%, which may be raised or lowered depending on the circumstances of the return. We nearly always waive this fee for mistakes made by us, but realistically, you can expect to be charged 20-30% restocking if there was no issue by us. Please do NOT mail your goods back until you have been given an RMA from one of our staff, at which time they will provide you with the proper return address and shipping requirements. There is a 60 day window to return. Returns outside of this window will not be accepted. If parts are sent to us without notifying us beforehand, or are outside of this window, we will consider them a gift to us. Please also note that most "used" items sold through us are sold as-is and will not be returnable. 

Occasionally, parts will arrive damaged. In these instances, customers should immediately take pictures of the damage, including the box, the damaged items, and included packing material. In these cases, a claim must be filed. This tends to be a lengthy process that we cannot avoid, so we pack shipments the best we can to avoid undue hassle.

With our new automatic shipping calculator on our new site, shipping quotes should be accurate or at least close. Occasionally, estimates will be absurdly high or low, in which case please feel free to contact us for an accurate shipping quote before ordering. You may do this at any time, and we will check multiple companies to see what the best deal we can get for you is. While it is rare, occasionally the automatic shipping quote will be a bit low, in which case we will likely request that you cover the difference in shipping cost, just to get it out the door. Please understand we are not able to ship most items for free, as we already offer competitive pricing on most parts.

Please note that XAT Racing specializes in custom parts, especially for UZ and UR series V8s. While we try to stock all of our name brand parts, we're not able to guarantee availability at all times. In many cases, we are at the mercy of our machine shops/supply chain for availability. In cases where we do not have parts ready to go within a business day or two, we will reach out to you and let you know what to expect at the time of ordering.