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Billet Adapter Plate

XAT Racing 1UZ V8 Billet CD009 Adapter Plate for 1UZFE to Nissan 6 Speed 2UZ 3UZ

When we took a look at the previous generation of adapter plates, all we could see was room for improvement and higher quality. We wanted a plate that would mount PERFECTLY with zero slop. It needed to look good and perform even better. DON'T get stuck with an overvalued, sloppy plate that ends up costing you input shafts and has poor fitment. You can go with a less expensive alternative and end up with broken parts, or you can do it right the first time with us! No complaints with over 5 years of service.

This billet aluminum adapter plate reuses your factory 4 speed or 5 speed auto UZ bellhousing (1990-2004). It will require you to cut off the CD009 bellhousing, which gives MUCH more room to work with in most chassis. Alignment of the input shaft becomes dependent on this plate and not the quality of the bell housing cut, so worry not! This isn't like other kits out there. 

2005+ 6 speed auto bellhousings will not fit with this adapter. 

Regardless of which clutch you use, you will need to use the Quarter Master throw out bearing. 

With single disc clutch setups, this kit is designed to use our custom flywheel that uses off the shelf "Z32 turbo" (89-96 Nissan 300ZX twin turbo) clutches, which are inexpensive, readily available, and hold power well. 

Please see the listing below for the flywheel needed. Please note that with a single disc clutch, this requires a proprietary flywheel. OUR "OEM STYLE" AND "LIGHTWEIGHT" XAT FLYWHEELS WILL NOT WORK WITH THIS TRANSMISSION. You will need the specific CD009 flywheel made for this application.

The twin disc setups include their own flywheel, but will also need a ring gear for the starter (the OEM auto flex plate)

Included with purchase on this listing:

  • Adapter plate with hardware to install
  • Quill tube for mounting the hydraulic throw out bearing
  • Pilot bushing adapter, with bushing installed
  • Throw out bearing (optionally)

XAT Racing took a hard look at the concept, and decided to go all in with the "Toyota Big-Block" design. These V12s have started becoming more popular over the past few years! This will fit all versions of this transmission: CD001, CD003, CD005, CD008, CD009, JK41A, JK41B, JK40C, 1EA0A, and 1EA0B from the 2003-2008 Nissan 350Z/Fairlady Z, 2009-2020 370Z, Skyline V35 and V36 non-GTR sedan and coupe, and Infiniti G35 and G37 

Our products are CAD designed with OEM blocks and transmissions on professional equipment by industry professionals. No bad measurements, no flame cuts, no warped discs, no nonsense. You should be using a 3/4" master cylinder in tandem with the TOB we use.

This is the missing link for doing a 1UZFE swap, or simply adding a manual transmission to your Toyota V8. Our CNC process for manufacturing the plate results in an extremely precise adapter plate, laser tight tolerances, and a focus on quality that has yielded a product that will produce less wear on the transmission and clutch. The adapter kits come with the needed pilot adapter and bushing as well. This is the tried and true kit from XAT Racing, except no imitations when it comes to Toyota V8s 

You can also use the less expensive RAM throw out bearing with this kit, however we do not support it. You will need to drill and tap the plate at your own risk to mount one.

Looking for a clutch for this adapter plate? 


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XAT Racing
  • $595
In stock(48 items available)

    • SKU
    • Weight
      8 lbs
    • Dimensions (L x W x H)
      10 x 10 x 10 in
  • Manufacturer
    XAT Racing
  • Throw Out Bearing
    Yes, Quarter Master with bleed line, No
  • Clutch Feed Hose -4 AN
    Yes, 36 inches, Yes, 48 inches, No
  • Custom 1 piece Driveshaft
    Steel, I will get dimensions, Aluminum, I will get dimensions, No
  • Clutch Kit
    ClutchMasters FX400, OEM replacement, XAT Stage 2, Spec Stage 1, 425 tq, Spec Stage 2, 475 tq, Spec Stage 2+, 515 tq, Spec Stage 3, 555 tq, Spec Stage 3+, 650 tq, Spec Stage 4, 565 tq, Spec Stage 5, 720 tq, I'll pick one later
  • Steel Clutch Alignment Tool
    No, Yes
  • Single Disc Flywheel
    Yes, No
  • Pressure Plate Bolts
    Yes, Grade 10.9, Yes, ARP, No
  • ARP Flywheel Bolts
    Yes, No
  • Wilwood Master Cylinder 3/4" Bore (required)
    Toyota truck application (4Runner, Pickup, etc.), Yes, Wilwood remote mount, Yes, A70 Mk3 Supra LHD with adapter, Yes, A80 MkIV Supra LHD with adapter, No

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Refund, Returns and Cancellation Policies: all returns are subject to the restocking fee as per the provider of the part. Engine internals are non-returnable due to their nature.

  • Fitment Type
    Vehicle Specific
Toyota/LexusCrown Majesta1995-1999 S1501UZ-FE 4.0 V8 (UZS151, UZS155, UZS157)
Toyota/LexusLexus GS/Aristo1992-1997 S1471UZ-FE 4.0 V8 non-VVTi
Toyota/LexusLexus GS/Aristo1998-2005 S1601UZ VVTi 4.0 V8 (1998-2000) UZS160
Toyota/LexusLexus LS/Celsior1989-1994 UCF10/11 LS400/Celsior1UZ-FE 4.0 V8 non-VVTi
Toyota/LexusLexus LS/Celsior1995-1997 UCF20/21 LS400/Celsior1UZ-FE 4.0 V8 non-VVTi
Toyota/LexusLexus LS/Celsior1998-2000 UCF20/21 LS400/Celsior1UZ-FE VVTi 4.0 V8
Toyota/LexusLexus LS/Celsior2001-2005 UCF30 LS430/Celsior3UZ-FE 4.3 V8
Toyota/LexusTundra2000-2006 1st Gen2UZ-FE 4.7 V8
Toyota/LexusTundra2007-2021 2nd Gen2UZ-FE 4.7 V8

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